Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ohio 2.5 Summit

Whenever you sign up for a professional conference there is a lingering concern about the quality and whether or not it will be worth the effort to go. The Ohio 2.5 Summit on 21st Century Education was anything but a waste. It was so rich that it will take days to digest it. I ended up sitting with a dynamic, engaging group who taught me, among other things, how to follow a conference back channel on Twitter. The result was a 21st century to crowd source note taking. Only the best ideas (and there were lots today) made it into the back channel, and most tweets contained links to outside resources that the speakers were referencing. How amazing is it that you can take a group of individuals, all interested in providing relevant, real time information, and you can end up with a rich, permanent archive of the days events. In order to begin processing the information I printed the tweet stream (all 79 pages). Speakers included Dan Pink, Ewan McIntosh, and Karl Fisch. Even the State Superintendent, Stan Hefner, had some interesting things to say (now he just needs to fix the accountability system and its creativity killing focus on standardization). Over the next week or so I'm going to be processing the highlights in this forum, and will provide links to the best of the Summit content. In the meantime, search #21oh11 for the full back channel feed.

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