Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's not about how you feel now

The start of another school year is right around the corner, and educators across the country are preparing like elves on Christmas Eve.  The twittersphere has been awash with lots of back to school articles, some of which have touched on the concept of emotionally intelligent classrooms.

Below is a link to Kevin Washburn's blog post which should be required reading that all administrators assign to their staff members.

An important caveat is that while educators must stop and consider the emotional feel their classrooms will have, I believe that this is the wrong time of year to have such a conversation.  It is easy to get on the E.I. bandwagon when you are fresh from summer vacation.  It is much harder when you are fighting through the late winter doldrums of February and March.

So, if you're making a New Year's Resolution (teacher style, in August), here's one I hope you make (and consider in the middle of the year): redouble your efforts to create an atmosphere where every child matters and has the ability to flourish, even when it's difficult and you don't feel like it.

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