Sunday, August 19, 2012

Student Learning Objectives Guidance

I've created a Schoology course for student learning objectives.  The course is designed with the State of Ohio Teacher Evaluation System in mind, but there are parts that are applicable to other states as well.  This year my District is having every teacher create one SLO, as a way to get our collective toes wet for the transition to the full OTES model beginning in the 2013 school year.  I am rolling this site out to my principals early in the week and then it will get rolled out to all of the teachers in the District (over 625) next week.

So, I'd like to get feedback prior to this launch, as a way to get the bugs out before going live.  Below is the access code for the course.  If you are not a Schoology member and want to sign up, an individual teacher membership is free.  Once you have logged on, you can click the 'Join' link under the 'Courses' drop down menu:

From there, enter this access code:

Finally, providing feedback under the Online tests/quizzes section (or providing it here as a comment) would be great.  I think the course is a pretty good start, but I can only improve it based on end user feedback.

If you find this resource useful, feel free to re-tweet the link to this blog post and my twitter handle (@scarletandgray).

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