Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creating a Bridge to the Change

The Ohio Leadership Council has released a video on the 5 step improvement model for Teacher Based Teams (related to the Ohio Improvement Process).

The principals in my district who have seen it have each shared how they were A) impressed by the message, and B) eager to share and discuss it with their staff members.

What I liked about the video is that it summarized (in 7 1/2 succinct minutes) all of the change initiatives currently underway in Ohio and connected them in a way that made sense (with the end focus on student achievement).

As a leader at the forefront of promoting the change (and trying to figure out how to help my teachers survive and thrive through the change), the video reinforced the professional development I've been promoting, and explained how everything (FIP, SLO's, CCSS, Differentiation, etc) is aligned with basic concept of student growth for all.

If you are a leader looking for a tool to connect your staff to the change, or a teacher struggling to make sense of it all, this is a tool that should be helpful.

Ohio 5-Step Model

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