Sunday, January 27, 2013

Open Badge Project Resources

The exciting part about the work to date on the PD overhaul project is discovering the fact that so much information and foundational work exists on the creation of badges.  In order to keep myself organized, and provide a breadcrumb trail for others, below is a list of the resources I'm currently leveraging.

Badges How To: Using Your Classroom Rubrics to Design a Badge System
Author: Karen Jeffrey

The resource above is part of the larger For All Systems initiative.

Mozilla Open Badge Project

One Level Deep: The Mozilla Open Badges Wiki

Two Levels Deep: M.O.B. Wiki of Badge Issuers

Badge Forge - A Tool For Creating Badges that Connect Back to Mozilla Badge Backpack

Based on work recently completed in a free-flowing brainstorm jam with @zjvv77, the following four areas will be the focus of the professional development badge project for the 2013-2014 school year:

1. F.I.P. (Formative Instructional Practices via Battelle for Kids) See a previous post that explores this pathway in more detail.

2. Technology (Creating learning pathways that support the District G.A.F.E. transition)

3. Differentiation (Building personalized online pathways that extend the current District-wide series on this topic)

4. Common Core (Identifying individualized learning pathways that utilize freely available online modules.  For example, building a learning pathway out of modules from Achieve The Core)

The goal is to build on the badge work that is already occurring in the K-12 arena and extend it to the realm of ongoing/sustained professional learning for educators.  The focus of the design work is to create a system that will be replicable in other school districts.

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